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June 06, 2011

the about page....

A cool vision on fashion. (at least it's what i intend...)

It’s not a blog about my looks, although sometimes, there might be.

It’s a blog about clothes, shapes, colours, constructions. Ah, and also design!

I’m passionate about clothes. And of course style. If you are as passionate as I am you’ll probably like this blog. I’ll try to write everyday, even if it’s to post only a picture.

A little about myself that will also be part of the blog: by the end of the year this person will have a master in pattern making. What’s this?! Well, before clothes are ready to be out, they have a long way from sketches to real life pieces. The pattern maker creates the shapes the designer has drawn so a garment can be cut and sewn.

That’s what I love doing. Since I was 7 I can use a sewing machine (note that i didn’t say I could sew at 7), then I learned how to sew and studied fashion design in university. I also worked for 6 years in the same company as a apparel development coordinator and just left to pursue this dream of studying, living and working in Italy. I really liked working at Oakley Brasil.

Hope you enjoy it! C’mon, don’t be shy and leave me a msg...

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